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Truck Storage Drawers by MobileStrong

Truck Storage Drawers by MobileStrong

I love my pickup truck, but its dimensions can be inconvenient when I have a group of friends or family going with me to camp, hunt, or fish. There just isn’t ever enough room in the cab for the camping gear, guns, and fishing equipment and putting it in the bed of the truck can be problematic and time-consuming at best. I had a camper shell, but I didn’t like the limited visibility that came along with having one on the back of my truck. I recently had the chance to field test a new product that solves those equipment storage problems and doesn’t affect my visibility like a camper shell does. I was a little skeptical at first, but the MobileStrong truck storage system has really made a believer out of me.

The MobileStrong is tough, I can say that. I was not sure how it would hold up, so the first thing I did was put it through the “Dempsey test.” Dempsey is a good buddy that I have hunted and fished with over the last 20 years, and he’s not a little guy. Before we put the MobileStrong in the bed of the truck, Dempsey did his famous–or infamous–rain dance on the top of the box and it handled all 220 pounds of my gyrating friend with ease. We have tested it on some of Oklahoma’s worst dirt and gravel roads as well as taken it off-road through fields and rugged terrain and it has held up remarkably well. The MobileStrong is also weather-resistant, it has been through several torrential downpours and the equipment inside has stayed dry and safe.

I hated the fact that when stopping to eat or go into a gas station with my pickup, I would have to take the guns and gear out of the bed of the truck and lock them in the cab, or leave someone in the truck to watch our gear. A camper shell addressed that pretty well, but like I said the visibility was horrible, so the trade-off wasn’t worth it to me. The MobileStrong comes with compression T-locks that lock up tight and will keep all of your expensive guns and gear safe from theft, and you don’t have to leave a buddy in the truck when you stop to go in somewhere.

The MobileStrong drawers have a relatively low profile in a pickup truck’s bed, allowing for greater rear-facing visibility than with a camper shell.

You can get the two-drawer MobileStrong with a three- or five-gun rack with in-line grip holders and drawer dividers, or you can leave them open for storing larger items like tents and camping gear. I like the gun racks; I have the three-gun rack so it allows space on the other side of the rack to hold your gun cases and other equipment. I have drawer dividers in the other side of the unit so that I can keep my gear organized and easy to get to. You can get the unit with either all-terrain carpet in the bottom or a rubber mat, depending on what you prefer. My drawers have the carpet, it’s easy to clean and is a little softer on my camera equipment and optics.

There are several units to choose from, I have the two-drawer “waterfowl edition” and I am convinced the quality is unmatched. I like the rugged construction and the heavy-duty black rubber top as well as the fact that, at 11-1/2 inches tall, I can still use the bed of my truck. The units are tough, rugged, and allow for a safe and secure way to organize your gear. From now on, I will always have one in the bed of my truck.

The MobileStrong has taken everything I have thrown at it and has performed beautifully. It is made with high-quality materials that are meant to hold up in the harshest conditions.

The units start at around $1,399 for the SUV models and run up to $2,399 for the larger truck bed versions. They are a great value for the price and are less expensive than a nice camper shell, while allowing greater visibility.