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Siberian Coolers Unveils a Complete Product Lineup

Siberian Coolers Unveils a Complete Product Lineup

Siberian Coolers Unveils a Complete Product Lineup for 2015

BOZEMAN, Montana – Siberian Coolers is pleased to introduce their complete product lineup for the fall of 2015. No matter the situation, Siberian has developed a cooler that will deliver the performance you demand in a wide variety of conditions. Most importantly, Siberian delivers this quality and performance at pricing that will fit the avid sportsman’s budget.

“We felt the market needed a high performance, affordably priced cooler that can appeal to a much larger demographic than what our current competitors offer.” stated David Cronk, National Sales and Marketing Director for Siberian. “Everyone deserves a high quality, reasonably priced, cooler and with our 2015 product offering, we feel we have accomplished this.”

The Siberian product line consists of several different models depending on the desired purpose of the user. Whether you are looking to keep the day’s lunch cold or are preserving the meat of a trophy big game animal, Siberian has the cooler for you. With five different sizes ranging from 30 quarts to 116 quarts, Siberian coolers have been built for the job at hand.

Siberian utilizes a roto-molding process that consists of a high-temperature, low-pressure plastic forming procedure that uses heat and bi-axial rotation to produce hollow, one-piece parts for optimum performance. This process has inherent design qualities, such as consistent wall thickness and strong outside corners that are virtually stress free. All Siberian coolers come with a lifetime warranty and are available in white or granite exteriors.


Siberian 30
• Length: 22″ Width: 12.5″ Height: 13.5″
• Inside Depth: 10″ Inside Length: 18″ Inside Width: 9.5″
• Weight: 16 lbs
• 30 Quarts
• MSRP: $199.99
• Suggested Uses: Ideal cooler for a wide variety of day trips.


Siberian 40
• Length: 24.25″ Width: 13.25″ Height: 15″
• Inside Depth: 10.25″ Inside Length: 20″ Inside Width: 10″
• Weight: 19 lbs
• 40 Quarts
• MSRP: $229.00
• Suggested Uses: An ideal weekender cooler with enough space to accommodate small groups.


Siberian 64
• Length: 28.5″ Width: 16.5″ Height: 16.25″
• Inside Depth: 12.5″ Inside Length: 25″ Inside Width: 12.25″
• Weight: 26 lbs
• 64 Quarts
• MSRP: $299.00
• Suggested Uses: This is the perfect cooler for outfitters, charters captains and serious outdoorsmen.


Siberian 85
• Length: 30″ Width: 17.25″ Height: 18″
• Inside Depth: 13.5″ Inside Length: 25″ Inside Width: 13.5″
• Weight: 34 lbs
• 85 Quarts
• MSRP: $379.00
• Suggested Uses: Another cooler built for the hardcore user with even more space for food, game and the day’s catch.


Siberian 116
• Length: 34″ Width: 18.5″ Height: 19.5″
• Inside Depth: 15.75″ Inside Length: 30″ Inside Width: 15″
• Weight: 39 lbs
• 116 Quarts
• MSRP: $459.00
• Suggested Uses: The Siberian 116 is the largest cooler in product line. Built to fulfill the needs of any user, the 116 has enough space for extended trips far from civilization.


About Siberian Coolers:
Founded in 2015 beneath the mountains of Bozeman, Montana, Siberian Coolers was born from the idea that everyone deserves a high quality cooler. Siberian products are constructed using a high-temperature polyethylene roto-molding process. This process creates an extremely durable one-piece cooler able to stay cold for days in a wide variety of outdoor settings. For more information visit http://siberiancoolers.com/