We are one of the Midwest’s elite Canada goose, snow goose and duck hunting guide services. In the fall we offer guided goose & duck hunts in Lac qui parle and Big Stone refuges in Western Minnesota, the western suburbs of Minneapolis and South Dakota.

Our professional waterfowl guides are committed to giving your group a goose or duck hunt they will be reminiscing about for years.

Maxxed Out Guides LLC offers a full suite of guided waterfowl hunts in both MN & SD.  Our hunts start in August for early season goose hunts and continue through December for our late season hunts for geese and ducks.  Our hunts are both field and water hunts and are typically conducted on private land (we will occasionally hunt public land for ducks when conditions are right).

We lease thousands of acres of private farm land and scout extensively to give our clients the best opportunity for a great hunt each and every day.  While we can never know exactly geese and ducks will do, our professional waterfowl guides have spent thousands of days in field and are prepared for most any scenario.

When partnering with the right waterfowl guide it’s important to hire an outfitter that has the equipment it takes to go the extra mile for their clients.  When conditions have called for it we have put out over 1,000 honker decoys in one field!

Please click on the links below for information on our hunts and call or email with questions!

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